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3 Sugar Creek Center Blvd Suite 100
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2425 West Loop South Suite 200
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Manageg IT and IT Support Service

Managed IT Service Company in Houston TX

At HoustonTech, we focus on quickly resolving your technology issues and preventing them from becoming a disaster.

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IT Support Houston

Professional IT Services

With our Professional IT Services, businesses can plan, implement, and manage the right technologies to meet their business objectives.

Cloud IT Services

We can help you with your cloud computing needs, from setting up Office 365 or moving your data, email, and backups to the cloud.

Managed IT Services

We’ll manage your desktops to avoid disruptions in your business. You’ll also have updated patches and virus/malware protection.

VoIP Services

Call us if you need business communication tools (SMS, voicemail, etc.) or help with CRM software integration.

Here are some of the IT services we offer in Houston:

Patch and Update Management
OnSite Support
Cloud Storage
Help Desk Services
Backup and Recovery
Cloud Email
Policy Management
Industry Specific Software
CIO Consultation
Business IT Support
Network Administrator
Server Administrator
Remote Support

About Us

Our complete IT support service will meet all your technology needs— from instant help desk support to maintaining your workstations and servers with the latest patches, updates, and virus protection— all for a fixed and predictable cost. We offer remote and onsite tech support in the greater Houston, TX area. Our clients include accountants, credit unions, health care facilities, metal fabrication companies, retail centers and nonprofit institutions. We will help you implement the right technologies as your business grows, and that it does so in a secure IT environment. We also meet industry specific compliance to ensure that we provide only the quality IT services for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for IT Services?

It all depends on the client and the services they need. We provide managed services at a fixed monthly cost, which includes unlimited remote support. In addition, we provide IT consulting, backup solutions, cloud services, email hosting, weekly onsite visits, and more. Call us and we will provide you with a table of services to use as a guide when speaking with IT service vendors.

How soon can I get help if I have a tech-related problem?

Instantly. Our certified remote technicians are available 24/7 to troubleshoot and resolve tech-related problems, either via phone call or chat.

What is remote monitoring?

Our remote network monitoring system proactively oversees your network to identify security issues, missing updates and patches, and other IT issues, allowing us to resolve the problems before they turn into a disaster.

Do you monitor the backups (whether they are being made on a daily basis)?

Yes. We urge you to use our onsite and cloud (offsite) backup services. We know when your backup devices are running low on disk space or when they are not working.

Can you block social media websites such as Facebook and Youtube?

Yes, we can. We understand that some businesses have strict policies in terms of what websites their employees can and cannot visit.

IT Support Testimonials

Here are what some of our Houston clients have to say about us:

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The Latest Blogs in the IT Support Houston Category

The Latest Blogs in the IT Services Houston Category

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Houston Tech Distrusts Aliens While All Managed IT Services Providers in Houston Extend Open Arms!

Jerry Johnson’s tech company had provided top-tier managed IT services in Houston for years. Jerry knew people, among them the current director of NASA itself. After a careful examination of the truly “alien”— by which Jerry’s mind meant utterly unique— signal, he saved his data, backed it up, encrypted it, made several copies, stored them securely in cloud and non-Internet locations…

Is Your Managed IT Services Provider in Houston Giving You Unbiased Advice?

Have you ever wondered if your IT provider is biased? The unfortunate truth is that plenty of managed IT services Houston companies will stop at nothing to make money off of their clients. Though they would never admit it to their clients, these unscrupulous IT providers are often more concerned with pushing certain services and products rather than solving client problems in the best way possible.

Our Managed IT Services Company in Houston Rolls out the Red Carpet for Attorneys!

Those who are familiar with the IT industry know that many managed IT services Houston businesses refuse to work with law firms. The reasons for this stance are varied. Some IT providers fear a potential lawsuit if things go awry. Others simply follow the lead of their IT peers and refuse to provide services because it seems like that’s what everyone else is doing.

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Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support in Houston Through a Managed Services Provider

IT support in Houston that outsourced through a managed IT group can really take your business to the next level. Through managed services, you can...

Reasons Why Proactive IT Support in Houston is Much Better than Reactive

IT support in Houston comes in two primary iterations: there is reactive IT and proactive IT. The proactive kind of tech support is to be recommended for several reasons.

Find out How IT Support in Houston Can Keep Your Computer Systems Safe from Hackers

IT support providers in Houston can help restrict a great deal of losses which result from lax security, but they can’t prevent your employees from continuously doing insecure things. What you need to do in order to enjoy the highest level of security is define where security “leaks” exist and patch those leaks proactively. Here are a number of areas where security is often lax

Featured IT Services Blogs for Houston

How IT Services Providers in Houston Can Save Your Business from Cyber Attacks

IT services providers in Houston can help you identify and guard against a variety of cyberattacks. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they only have one goal: to bleed money from your organization in any way possible.

Tips from Your IT Services Team in Houston on Increasing Mobile Workforce Security

As technology improves and more millennials join the workforce, your IT services team in Houston has likely helped you implement a mobile workforce system. This could include solutions for employees who work from home, from the road, or from satellite offices. It also includes a new IT structure that uses cloud technology and other devices or services that allow for flexibility.

We Are the Robin Hood IT Services Provider in Houston!

IT services providers in Houston should be looking out for the interests of their clients. They shouldn’t consider them an asset to be squeezed of all usefulness and discarded when empty. Unfortunately, many IT providers think this way. They’re only interested in client well-being so long as it serves their purposes. As a result, they introduce pricing structures designed to return the greatest money for the least output.

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Hardware as a Service (HaaS): Why It Matters to an MSP Business

Most people have heard of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) in passing, yet few outside of the MSP Business industry have an intricate understanding of it. MSPs should take a moment to consider the value of HaaS and determine if it’s prudent to offer it to clients ...

If Prospects Refuse BDR in the IT Marketing Process, Have Them Sign a Waiver!

MSPs that offer Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) as an add-on in their IT marketing plan need to realize that when prospects are given a choice to upgrade, they often decline. Many times, business owners feel they’ve already agreed on spending a lot of money and view add-ons as attempts to take advantage of them. That’s why BDR should be included as part of a basic package, since it’s a necessity. If you’ve already put yourself in a position to sell BDR separately, consider having prospects sign a waiver that spells out all the consequences.

Why MSP Business Should Focus on Cyber Security

Because of the increasing security threats in businesses, MSP Business services are now more in-demand than ever. However, what would be the use of MSPs if their service packages don’t cover cyber security issues in their entirety? As technology continues to grow, so do cyber criminals— they devise new approaches to their malicious ventures every day. Cyber security should be a priority for all MSPs. A system that’s subject to constant security breaches consequently becomes unmanageable and suicidal in the business context. Here’s why MSPs should put significant focus on cyber security:

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Creative IT Marketing People Are More Productive When Having Fun!

Creating A Fun Work Environment Fosters Creativity

IT marketing creativity is essential for success, but you can’t force it. The caliber of the seeds you purchase doesn’t matter if they’re not planted in fertile soil. The marketeers you hire or their qualifications don’t matter if you don’t give them an atmosphere in which they can succeed.

Here’s Why Your MSP Marketing Strategy Should Not Shout “I’m the Least Expensive in Town”

MSP marketing of the cheaply-derived variety actually ends up costing clients’ money in the long run. When they realize this, they won’t be disillusioned about your services not being the “cheapest in town” because they’ll understand what their competitors save on the front-end by going with such solutions, they ultimately lose on the back-end. A perfect example is break-fix services.

The Rise of the Internet of Things: How to Keep Your Business Safe

It seems that everything is connected these days. Watches are connected to computers, thermostats are connected to the cloud, vehicles are connected to GPS… and so on. All of these fall into what’s collectively known as the Internet of Things, though they’re also often called smart devices. While these devices have enabled us to take a leap forward with innovation, they also bring up some valid security concerns.

Latest Managed IT Services Guest Blog for Houston on MSP Knowledge

If Prospects Refuse BDR in the IT Marketing Process, Have Them Sign a Waiver!

MSPs that offer Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) as an add-on in their IT marketing plan need to realize that when prospects are given a choice to upgrade, they often decline. Many times, business owners feel they’ve already agreed on spending a lot of money and view add-ons as attempts to take advantage of them. That’s why BDR should be included as part of a basic package, since it’s a necessity. If you’ve already put yourself in a position to sell BDR separately, consider having prospects sign a waiver that spells out all the consequences.

Revolutionize Your MSP Marketing Model and Ignite New Growth by Inspecting New Technology Offerings!

The Innovative Angle MSP marketing definitely requires technological cognizance. It’s not just the orchestration of diverse advertising techniques; it also must be a revealing agent of current and upcoming tech innovations. The best marketing demonstrates new solutions. There’s something which is very appealing about new technology, and if you can tap into this appeal, you’ll have a much easier time obtaining new clients from your target markets, and serving the existing clients you’ve already procured.

MSPs Can Never Have Influence Over Others in Their Business Until They’ve Given up Control!

In this article, we’ll tackle a common issue among MSP business owners: the question of control. Most business owners and leaders would assume that the more control they have— or the more that they enforce it— the better, but this isn’t always the case, and we’re going to use this article to explain why.

Latest IT Services Guest Blogs for Houston on MSP SEO Factory

Do You Have to Constantly Educate Your IT Marketing Provider About Your MSP Blogs’ Content?

Low Prices Don’t Always Indicate A Deal

MSP blogs that are sourced with exceptional cheapness will reflect that lack of funding, pure and simple. The reason many MSPs fall for marketing solutions which offer sub-par solutions is because they’re trying to conserve resources. But you’re going to get what you pay for. The lower you go, the less quality will be available. What you want isn’t cheapness in the composition of blogs— what you want is insider industry knowledge. When you’re in the market for an advertising solution, the idea is to find a provider that really “gets” your industry, backward and forward.

Here’s Why You Should Bring More Staff in to Help You Better Strategize Your IT Marketing!

The process of coming up with an IT marketing plan for your business should be something that’s done as a team, not in isolation. The biggest mistake that many managed service providers make when it comes to their marketing is they don’t dedicate enough resources to it. They have a one-person marketing department, and that individual is tasked with coming up with ideas to help bring in new clients, retain their current customers, and grow the business overall. How can one person have all of the necessary creative juices to come up with an actual marketing plan that’s gong to yield the success you want? You honestly should be thinking about bringing in more staff to help.

Place a Spotlight on Security Breaches in 2017 for Your MSP Business

Security: Integral for Home and Business

You must protect your MSP business against hacking, but it’s getting to the point where you can’t stop there. Did you know more than 97% of hacking threats are basically unique to the endpoints affected by them? What this means is that specific catch-all solutions of yesteryear won’t be effective anymore. At least, not as effective. This is just one of many reasons it’s integral that you emphasize security for operations, especially in the wake of new technology.

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