11224 Southwest Fwy
Suite 250-3

Houston,TX 77031

11224 Southwest Fwy
Suite 250-3

Houston,TX 77031

About Central Business District

In the last decade, Houston has seen increasing numbers of people relocating from out of state to enjoy the great quality of life of those who call the ‘Magnolia City’ home. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the cost of living in Houston is considerably less than that of other cities of comparable size across the United States. There is also the fact that the job market is booming. Add to this that some great neighborhoods are close by the vibrant downtown and central business district of Houston – and owning a home is possible even on a modest salary – something that can be challenging in cities such as San Francisco or New York. Taking all of these factors together, it becomes readily apparent why Houston’s Central Business District has become among the most popular places to work and play in the U.S.

Central Business District is a neighborhood near Houston, TX

Living in Central Business District

Here are some reasons why the area continues to provide those who are in Houston with the opportunity to enjoy a great lifestyle.

For Culture Vultures, the Central Business District is a great place to visit. It is home to the Theatre District. Houston is one of the few cities in the U.S. that has permanent companies that provide entertainment in all of the artistic fields – opera, music, ballet, and theater. The quality of the artistic experience is noteworthy. For instance, the Houston Grand Opera has won two Emmy’s, two Grammy’s and a Tony award and has been widely lauded for its excellence.

Things to do in Central Business District

For those who work in the Central Business District, there is no shortage of dining, relaxation, and entertainment options. The area is so popular as a nightlife destination that it attracts both locals and visitors in droves. One of the best places to enjoy the great entertainment options in the Houston CBD is Market Square Park.

Market Square Park is a wonderful green space that can be found on the site of the old city hall. Today it is a place where locals and visitors alike come to enjoy the sunshine, art exhibitions and dine at some of the wonderful dining establishments around the Square. One of the most popular of these dining establishments is ‘Niko Niko’s’. This great Greek dining destination serves what is possibly the best Gyro in the city. However, the Kabob’s and Hummus are also fantastic – in fact, the entire menu shines. For those who want some more liquid orientated refreshment, there is the new ‘Bad News Bar’ (full name ‘Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge’) it’s a bar that is beautifully finished, has a great ambiance, but still manages an unpretentious approach to serving some of the best cocktails in the city. For a place that has it all as far as entertainment is concerned head to ‘Bayou place’ where several great bars and restaurants can be found, including Robert Redford’s ‘Sundance Cinema’s’ where both art releases and mainstream movies can be viewed.

Houston’s Central Business District offers an excellent opportunity to work and play in one central location. For visitors to the city, it is one of those destinations which bears closer examination.

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