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How IT Services Providers in Houston Can Save Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Stop cyber attack logoHow Cyber Attacks Look

IT services providers in Houston can help you identify and guard against a variety of cyberattacks. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they only have one goal: to bleed money from your organization in any way possible.

One way they do this is through what’s known as a “phishing” scam. You get an e-mail from a “C” level executive who informs you that an invoice is due before a certain time, and then gives you detailed instructions on how to pay it. You obey, of course, then you’re called into the office of the individual to whom you must answer and are dressed down formally. As it turns out, the “C” level executive never sent out that invoice— your account was phished. Read more

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Tips from Your IT Services Team in Houston on Increasing Mobile Workforce Security

Mobile workforce security conceptAs technology improves and more millennials join the workforce, your IT services team in Houston has likely helped you implement a mobile workforce system. This could include solutions for employees who work from home, from the road, or from satellite offices. It also includes a new IT structure that uses cloud technology and other devices or services that allow for flexibility. In fact, some businesses may even find that half or more of their employees rarely, if ever, come into the office any longer. Does this sound like your business or do you have goals to utilize a mobile workforce solution? If so, cyber security of your system should be top priority. Here are some tips on keeping your network safe: Read more

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We Are the Robin Hood IT Services Provider in Houston!

Young Robin HoodYou Shouldn’t Be Fleeced By IT Providers

IT services providers in Houston should be looking out for the interests of their clients. They shouldn’t consider them an asset to be squeezed of all usefulness and discarded when empty. Unfortunately, many IT providers think this way. They’re only interested in client well-being so long as it serves their purposes. As a result, they introduce pricing structures designed to return the greatest money for the least output. In that respect, they’re like the Sheriff of Nottingham in the popular Robin Hood chronicle. They take from those who are already impoverished by IT difficulties. And where does that money go? Toward more concerted flaying of unsuspecting prospective clients. Read more