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IT Support Experts in Houston and Their Role in the BYOD Game

IT support HoustonIt wasn’t too long ago that companies never had to think much about their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy. The BYOD strategy that businesses employed was giving their people what they thought they needed and then taking it back when the time came. If they got to a point where the data had to be wiped, they would take the phone or laptop, wipe it clean, and then give it back. BYOD has changed the landscape, and your IT support partner in Houston needs to be caught up with the latest and greatest industry developments. Things have come a long way even in the last decade as it pertains to what’s allowed to connect to a company’s network. Read more

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Reasons Why Proactive IT Support in Houston is Much Better than Reactive

Two IT Families

IT support HoustonIT support in Houston comes in two primary iterations: there is reactive IT and proactive IT. The proactive kind of tech support is to be recommended for several reasons. Read more

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The Aliens’ Attempt to Wipe out IT Support in Houston Has Failed!

By the Skin of Your Teeth

IT support HoustonIT support in Houston was dangling by a thread, and billions were on the line. Jerry Johnson knew HoustonTech could handle the load, but he was feeling the strain. “We barely missed being taken over by these beings, Chaz! You’ve got to listen to me.” Read more

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Find out How IT Support in Houston Can Keep Your Computer Systems Safe from Hackers

Security Tips to ConsiderIT support Houston

IT support providers in Houston can help restrict a great deal of losses which result from lax security, but they can’t prevent your employees from continuously doing insecure things. What you need to do in order to enjoy the highest level of security is define where security “leaks” exist and patch those leaks proactively. Here are a number of areas where security is often lax: Read more

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How IT Support in Houston Maximizes Business Efficiency

Common Areas Lacking Efficiency

Maximizes Business Efficiency

IT support in Houston can help your organization identify inefficient practices and assist you in developing more productive habits. What’s efficient for one organization may not be efficient for another. However, there are certain areas where efficiency can be enhanced through a little professional IT support. Three primary areas where efficiency can generally be maximized across the board include:

Read more

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Lessons You Can Learn from the DailyMotion Breach with IT Support in Houston

Data breach concept2016 was the year of the most high-profile data breaches in history, and your IT support in Houston has, more than likely, been keeping up on all of them. One of the newest and largest breaches was the leaking of more than 80 million user names and passwords from the incredibly popular video sharing site DailyMotion. Though the service is still unsure how their system was breached and has updated all security measures, there are lessons to be learned from this type of attack. Whether your company uses DailyMotion for your marketing efforts or not, you can still learn from their mistakes to make your information more secure. Read more

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IT Support in Houston Can Help You Understand the Importance of IT for Competitive Advantage

Information technology on digital paperBusiness and information technology (IT) are increasingly becoming intertwined. It’s impossible to talk about either of them without talking about the other. Many CEOs and business owners are realizing that they can gain competitive advantage through IT. Most people will definitely ask how this is possible. Not only is IT support in Houston characterized by the best technology, but also skilled personnel. What it lacks is a proactive culture, rather than a reactive culture, and approach to situations. Read more

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5 Reasons for Outsourcing IT Support in Houston

Clicking outsourcing buttonManaged IT support in Houston offers groundbreaking solutions that meet the needs of your business. Countless developments and changes in the arena of computer and software have resulted in the web or computer-based products, including programs and software solutions. Businesses of all types and sizes rely on computers to handle their payroll, communications, marketing, inventory, and other essential aspects of the firm. Although IT advancement has simplified the process of running a company, the systems themselves are challenging at times. As a business owner, you may incur lots of money and downtime to outsource an outside repair technician every time your system goes down. Fortunately, outsourced IT experts can deal with any technical glitch that your business is likely to encounter. Read more