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Don’t Allow Your Managed IT Services Provider in Houston to Taint Your View of the Cloud!

managed IT services HoustonThere are multiple forms of services that you can obtain through your managed IT services provider in Houston. One of the most important solutions for the modern commercial set-up is cloud computing. This is an essential service which promotes business continuity and aid in disaster recovery. In simple terms, it allows your data to be backed up on a secure server, ensuring that your crucial data is preserved. In addition, the cloud solution is essential because it allows access to your company’s information from anywhere. Read more

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Managed IT Services in Houston Can Help Protect Your Law Firm from Cybercriminals

managed IT services HoustonCybercriminals cause havoc to businesses— law firms included— as they target sensitive data. That has made the legal sector to be highly prone to cybersecurity risks. More and more legal firms are falling victim to simple schemes such as ‘phishing’ or complicated ones such as coordinated cyberattack. Such threats expose sensitive client information such as IP from patent filing, acquisitions intelligence, market influencing mergers, insightful financial information, etc. Because of these incidents, your law firm could use some professional help from a managed IT services provider in Houston. Read more

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Managed IT Support Business Advice for Houston: Do You Have a Coach?

Importance of Coaching in Vertical Markets

managed IT services HoustonVertical markets reflect the selling of certain goods and services to specific clients, which is what specialized value-added resellers (VARs) and MSPs engage in. It’s a marketplace for serving specialized industry needs. Since MSPs sell expertise in business technology, it’s only fair to call them mentors or coaches. Clients depend on this advice to make business decisions, so your MSP must never assume that you already know exactly what they want.

The magic word that gives MSPs the authority to coach clients is specialization. They sell technology specifically designed to create efficient profit-making conditions, not just any technology to anyone. But their coaching can benefit you beyond technological knowledge. You can maximize your income when they add business expertise to the equation. That doesn’t necessarily mean they should tell you how to run your business. They’re better off leading by example and sharing useful knowledge as suggestions to consider.

How IT Techs Serve as Coaches

One of the reasons why you might hire managed IT services experts in Houston is so that they can train your staff when new technology is deployed. Part of their job is to take proactive measures to make sure that your company is well-prepared for a natural or manmade disaster recovery. That means training key employees and assigning specific roles in the event of an emergency. Practice drills are essential so that no one panics when a real catastrophe occurs.

These computer consultants can guide your workers about safe network use so that they take cybersecurity seriously instead of clicking random websites or downloading apps that may contain malware. All it takes is one wrong click to allow intruders with bad intentions to ruin your system. IT professionals can prevent your business from being taken down by hackers, using network security monitoring and effective communication with your staff.

Consultants can also inform you about new technology that’s on the horizon or available solutions that can improve productivity. The more you learn to automate routine work, the more it frees up your workforce to concentrate on building relationships with clients or other necessary tasks.

Steps to Coach IT about Your Business

As a business manager, you can play the role of coach yourself. It’s helpful to find MSPs that already have experience in your industry, but they still need to learn about your business. Here are steps to help them understand:

  • Give IT a copy of your business plan
  • Arrange meetings with IT about your goals
  • Define your specific milestones for success


Both managed IT services in Houston and clients can benefit from coaching each other. It will create a stronger business relationship and help plant the seeds for success. Contact us at HoustonTech to share your business story and learn more about how we can enhance your business technology.

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Advantages of Managed IT Services in Houston

Specific Advantages

managed IT services HoustonManaged IT services in Houston is integral to profitability in your IT applications. While there are certain areas of life where you can sort of “wing it,” hope for the best, and find some positive result, there are other areas that require a deft, experienced hand to properly manage. One of those areas is Information Technology, which is constantly in flux and has been since the initial advent of computational technology. In order to maximize your IT advantage, you really need an experienced hand. Doing as much will yield benefits like: Read more

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Managed IT Services in Houston Can Permanently Preserve Laptop Data

A Common Issue

managed IT services HoustonManaged IT services companies in Houston specialize in a variety of services, not least of which concern backup. You’re going to have situations where data’s lost. Some of these involve the Internet, some involve user error, and some involve mechanical error. Common reasons laptops lose critical data include: Read more

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After Failing to Destroy Managed IT Services in Houston, Aliens Attack Other Cities!

Houston, We Have Re-Entry

managed IT services Houston“Everything’s looking good, sir,” Reese Michaels swiped like a madman on a tablet in his hand while Jerry Johnson typed at a keyboard.

“So, we’ve got Managed IT services in Houston under control?” Jerry arched an eyebrow.

“As much as we can. I got us partnered with a couple other support providers in the area. Their systems were knocked offline, but their employees weren’t; we managed to Jerry-rig it.” Read more

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Identify and Prevent Phishing Scams with Managed IT Services in Houston

Phishing conceptHackers: They’re Clever

When securing managed IT services in Houston, you need a team that’s aware of the hacking atmosphere. It’s easy to make a mistake, especially as hackers continue to update the ways they “phish” information from businesses.

In a strange twist, small to medium-sized businesses are at a heightened risk for hack attacks of one kind or another. Larger operations have more funds to devote toward proactive hack prevention. Hackers are smart enough to know they’re better off getting $80k from eight small businesses than $20k from one big company. They can get more by working less hard and going after the less-defended businesses, whereas chasing that big fish inside a large corporation is going to take more time and energy, and may ultimately end up unsuccessful. Read more

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Defend Against New Popcorn Time Ransomware with Managed IT Services in Houston

No popcorn time ransomware conceptRansomware is nothing new, and your managed IT services provider in Houston has probably already given you some advice on how to avoid this new level of hacker attack. If you’re not already aware, ransomware involves a hacker getting access to your system by tricking you into downloading an infected file. Once they have control, they hijack your data and demand money in exchange for giving back your information. This can be devastating for businesses that have private client or health information on their computers and still be incredibly damaging for those businesses that need their data to perform day-to-day business operations. The latest form of ransomware takes this to a new level. Dubbed “Popcorn Time,” this ransomware starts out the traditional way, but then gives the infected user a chance to get their data back for free if they ‘refer’ two of their friends. This malicious attack not only hurts businesses, but it also hurts friendships and associate relations. Here are some tips on how to defend against it: Read more

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Why Managed IT Services Providers in Houston Hold the Key to Your Business’ Success

Hand showing key to successSmall and medium enterprises have often found it hard to run a business and manage their IT concerns at the same time. Many businesses that don’t outsource their IT to a managed IT services provider in Houston have had their business suffer in one way or another. MSPs are playing a great role in the success of companies by collaborating with them in installing, monitoring, and managing their technology… almost like having a cheap in-house IT desk. Read more

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Is Your Managed IT Services Provider in Houston Giving You Unbiased Advice?

Bias red stamp on whiteHave you ever wondered if your IT provider is biased? The unfortunate truth is that plenty of managed IT services Houston companies will stop at nothing to make money off of their clients. Though they would never admit it to their clients, these unscrupulous IT providers are often more concerned with pushing certain services and products rather than solving client problems in the best way possible.

Question Your IT Provider’s True Motives

Read more