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Blurry imageIf you’re looking for or working with IT support in Houston, chances are you’ve heard the buzz about the cloud and how it’s changing the way business works. Whether from your friends at other businesses or just tidbits of information here and there online, you’re pretty sure that the cloud is this huge revolution. So, you ask your IT provider about the cloud… and they tell you nothing but bad things. Why is this?

Some IT Providers May Mislead You About the Cloud

Unfortunately, IT providers who have nothing but negative things to say about the cloud are typically doing so because of their own vested interests. For instance, switching to the cloud typically saves users a lot on expensive equipment purchases and maintenance, which hurts many IT providers’ bottom line. The painful truth in this case is that the IT provider is intentionally staying behind because they want to maintain their profits.

Of course, certain businesses may not be able to move to the cloud. For instance, mega-sized production and CGI houses need to have powerful, local hardware to get their work done. But most businesses simply need a secure server to store their documents and fast, stable devices which they can use to access those documents. That’s what the cloud is for, and that suits the needs of the vast majority of modern businesses.

There’s another reason IT support in Houston may mislead you, too— because they’ve tried to adopt the cloud but failed. For instance, they may not have the expertise on their staff necessary to start working in the cloud, and when they attempted to do it themselves, they couldn’t make it work. So, even though they know that it’s working for other businesses around the world and that it could very well benefit you both, they may be staying away out of pride or because they simply don’t know how to rollout cloud infrastructure.

In either case, this isn’t the kind of IT support you should be working with. People who outright lie or omit information because of their own failures or to make more money off of you are despicable. But where can you learn more about what the cloud actually has to offer and if it’s right for your business?

How to Learn the Truth

Start by going to your peers in the area who use the cloud. Take a tour and see how well they get their jobs done without needing to worry about on-site servers to maintain, or software updates to deal with. The great part about the cloud is that all the office needs is “thin clients,” which access a virtual server stored in a secure, offsite data center. Thin clients are cheap, but thanks to everything being offsite, typically perform nice and smoothly while still offering all the features a business needs.

Your peers should give you an accurate picture. Additionally, countless studies also indicate that the cloud is the fastest-growing trend in business, and has been for years. The reception for the cloud online has been overwhelmingly positive.

Learning More

But you can still learn some more about it. Here at HoustonTech, we’re knowledgeable when it comes to cloud solutions, and we can help you with your concerns and queries regarding the cloud. Contact us for a free consultation or to learn more about cloud services and IT support in Houston.