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A Shifting Technology Climate

IT consulting HoustonIT consulting in Houston can seriously impact your business’ profitability in a good way. Hiring an internal IT group and trusting in them solely is a great way to gradually slide from technological prominence. The more you rely on internal IT solutions, the less innovative they become.

It doesn’t matter how cutting-edge that solution was when you began— the realities of continuous tech maintenance make it impossible to remain so innovative, not unless you’re an MSP specializing in technology advancement.

The following are five areas where MSPs can help upgrade your business’s profitability, and in such a way as to make continual growth possible:


Your systems can become more automated today than ever before. You can automate backups, scheduling, production, data collection, distribution, analysis, and even maintenance. But automation requires monitoring, and if you’ve gone the fully-automated route, you’ll want the security an MSP provides.

Data Analytics

IT consulting in Houston not only makes it more realistic to collect previously diverse data, but it also makes the analysis of that data more effective than it has ever been, and the primary reason comes from two things MSPs specialize in: IoT and cloud computing.

The Internet of Things

IoT stands for “Internet of Things,” which is a fancy way of referring to common devices which have become WiFi-enabled via the cloud such that they can be controlled remotely. IoT makes data collection in an automated way much more actionable, realistic, and quantifiable than ever. When you can continuously collect information on, say, machines that are maintaining an assembly line, you can identify areas of weakness and redundancy, ensure all such machines are operating at peak capacity, and further streamline production. The only difficulty is identifying the best places to collect such data and how that data should be interpreted, and that’s where an MSP comes in.

Flexibility and Creativity

If you’re using cloud computing, IoT, data analytics, and automation internally, that’s going to require a big budget to maintain. You’ll need experts who can continuously monitor information, those who maintain systems, those who work with upgrades and software updates— the list goes on. Meanwhile, if you outsource all that to an MSP, then your internal IT can instead focus on the delivery of new support measures. They can more flexibly create cost-effective solutions designed to increase profitability and scale-up your business.

Cyber Security

Last but certainly not least, a cyber security option proactively managed via MSP can save your company when the most statistically unlikely hacking event manifests out of nowhere and tries to broadside you out of operational functionality.

IT consulting in Houston through HoustonTech is designed with these five things in mind, among other things:

  • Cyber Security
  • Flexibility and Creativity
  • IoT
  • Data Analytics
  • Automation

Don’t hesitate to contact us for solutions you can rely on, and designed to help your business profit.