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Fly Aboard the Cloud

Houston managed IT servicesHouston managed IT services can totally change your business. You’ve probably heard how good these technology solutions can be, and the truth is there are some exceptional advantages. Three primary ones include:

  • Better backup and data recovery solutions
  • Revolution as opposed to evolution
  • Curtailing unnecessary expenses

Better Backup and Data Recovery Solutions

Houston managed IT services company that provides cloud computing can facilitate automated backups which continuously protect your computer’s files. Granted, it’s good to have an external drive hooked up to your system, but there are scenarios where even that could be compromised. For the most part, power surges aren’t going to hurt your laptop or desktop solution anymore, as there are things called surge protectors, but sometimes disasters happen which fry circuitry in connected hard drives as well as primary hard drives anyway. Plus, when you get to larger systems, you need not just a backup drive, but a backup server array. This requires installation, upgrade, maintenance, and periodic replacement. Cloud computing cuts the time and costs involved in maintaining such systems while delivering better utility.

Revolution as Opposed to Evolution

A computer that doesn’t have a screen can continuously be upgraded until it essentially retains the same functionality as laptops and desktops do today. Instead of a screen, voice commands could be used to navigate such a system. The evolution of a screen-less computer could have conceivably changed our technology landscape; but Steve Jobs saw the value of Xerox’s interface system, Bill Gates appropriated his appropriation, and here we are.

What happened was revolution rather than evolution, and this has always characterized the most efficient, convenient technology solutions. To that end, cloud computing represents the next revolution. It has already lead to the Internet of Things (IoT), and who knows where that will go. What’s sure is that IoT uses the “operating system” of cloud computing as a foundation. Being prepared for the next revolution virtually (pun intended) requires cloud computing innovation today.

Curtailing Unnecessary Expenses

Say you were able to purchase a ten-tower server array for $10k. That’s good for five years. Now, say software upgrades over the course of five years were only about $1,000 per computer. That’s $15k. Now, say you’ve got a backup system for all these servers. That’s another $15k. Now, suppose you’ve got IT personnel to maintain both these systems. They’ve got to be fairly dedicated; you’ll need at least two guys, and if they’re going to be any good, they’ll be year-round employees. Do you think you can get that done for less than $20k a year per employee? Now, over the course of five years, assuming no difficulties in operation, a secure system costs you $200,000. Meanwhile, if you’re paying $1k a month for cloud solutions, you’re looking at $60k for the same utility. That’s $140,000 in savings, minimum. Granted, all these numbers are hypothetical. Monthly cloud solutions are usually less expensive.

Revolutionizing Your Systems Through Cost-Saving Cloud Solutions

Houston managed IT services providing cloud support options will completely reconfigure the way your business runs while saving your business money and making it simultaneously more secure. At HoustonTech, we offer top-tier cloud support options to help transition your operation full-bore into the 21st century. Contact us today to learn more.