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IT services HoustonWith rampant cyberattacks becoming the norm and the perpetrators getting more sophisticated, it’s advisable to ally with an IT services provider in Houston. They’ll guide you in coming up with a reliable and secure security system. McAfee conducted a research, which revealed that cybercrime damages innovation, trade, competitiveness, and global economic growth. Today, criminals target businesses that haven’t adopted safeguards to protect their business from prospective cyberattacks. Below are strategies for keeping your business safe from potential cyberattacks:

1. Formulate and implement an internal policy

Employees are clearly one of the leading cyber security risks for your company. In most circumstances, cyber criminals will access your network due to one of your workers connecting on an unsecured line in an email or utilizing a weak password. IT providers can educate you and your employees on the latest scams and strategies to avoid them. Ensure that your employees are aware of the internal policy concerning access to business data and network usage. Although staying abreast of the current trends is the first step towards eradicating cybercrimes, you must ensure your provider has put in place the right protections on your business server.

2. Mine the gold in cloud services

Many companies leverage cloud services to handle their data storage and application needs. They end up saving money and time. Providers of cloud services offer high standards of computing at affordable monthly subscription costs. However, it’s important to stick with a reputable IT services firm in Houston.

3. Improve your detection capabilities

It’s important to detect when a targeted cyberattack is in motion and how to collect the right evidence for pinpointing its purpose and origin. Using several security solutions that utilize varied techniques to unearth malicious activity for both external and internal threats can optimize your capabilities. With the evolution of security technologies, manufacturers are coming up with unique ways of detecting and preventing prospective attacks. Leading-edge security monitoring tools coupled with traditional safeguards, including antivirus, SIEM systems, IDS/IPS, and firewalls, can enhance the security of your business. With the proper tools available and IT experts, you can acquire situational alertness and counter-intelligence required to detect an attack and to block, divert, or quarantine the threats associated with it.

4. Enhance the level of employee awareness

Improving employee awareness is among the affordable methods of stopping cyberattack. Nowadays, only 58% of mid-size businesses in the U.S. train workers on cyber security. You should know that cyber criminals could launch an attack on your business by accessing the laptop of your employee. Thus, you should ensure your firm has implemented cyber security training.

Taking stock and detecting your business’ vulnerabilities is an important step in boosting cyber security. A qualified and experienced IT services provider in Houston can help you in implementing strategies for thwarting attempts by hackers to penetrate your system. At HoustonTech, we leverage our advanced cyber security tools and competent employees to safeguard your business. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today.