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11224 Southwest Fwy
Suite 250-3

Houston,TX 77031

Internet Fax Houston TX

internet fax

Aside from computers and telephones,

all businesses can benefit from fax machines, which are used to send and receive important documents. Even though modern technology is now leading the way in terms of communication, a fax machine is still important for the following reasons:

    1. Legally binding – Since faxing works by reproducing documents between two remote machines, it complies with the legal requirements of custodianship, meaning no third party could intercept to the data being sent in the process.
  1. Secure – When faxing, any malicious attempt to hinder the transmission and change the data will be detected by either the sender or receiver, which can cause the process to fail. This kind of action makes fax more reliable than email.
  2. Assured delivery – With email, you can never be sure whether the other party already received your documents or not, unless they accept it themselves. Faxing guarantees more assurance of delivery, because the way it works is that the receiving fax machine is required to acknowledge that the documents were successfully received.

Now, there’s a new way to fax documents: Internat fax or online fax service. With this, you can send and receive files over the Internet, instead of using fiber-optic landlines or public switched phone networks. Internet fax is also flexible; it allows you to send or receive documents in either digital or printed format. With HoustonTech’s Internet fax solutions, you can be sure that your business will have an affordable, yet stable online faxing system.

These are the online fax solutions we offer for businesses within the Houston area:

  • Advance endpoint security
  • Helpdesk
  • Patch Management
  • Update Management
  • Hardware Purchases

Areas We Serve:
Houston TX | Stafford TX | Sugar Land TX | Katy TX

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