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Two thumbs up vectorIf you’re looking for IT support in Houston, it’s important that you’re discerning in the quality you settle for with your support staff. One major example of quality is in their customer support bots, surprisingly enough, and since the term “support bots” leaves a bad taste in the mouth of most people, that should give you an idea of how poorly they’re generally managed.

Not Every Provider Offers the Best Support Bots

Obviously, you want a manned support staff— but you won’t always have the necessity to maintain it 24/7 or handle all the traffic it receives at one time, so many businesses choose to invest in automated support bots. Unfortunately, the vast majority of IT providers go for substandard support bots. This would be workable if it weren’t for the fact that these bots provide terrible service and leave a bad impression to customers, like yourself, who need support at the time. An IT provider can’t always count on their men being able to manually attend to every customer’s need— they need to have a reliable system of automation in place to ensure people can still get help when they aren’t around.

So, what sets apart the good from the bad?

How to Tell the Good from the Bad

When it comes to IT support companies in Houston, the quality of their service bots can tell you a lot about them. Most providers use the generic customer service robots you’re already used to dealing with on the phone and in online chats: they give generic responses to generic questions, and aren’t good for much else. The best you can typically do with a bot like that is leave it a message for a real human to get to later, and then come around to help you.

This may surprise you, but that isn’t all you can do with automated support bots. Most providers are using cheap, generic solutions that offer minimal levels of customization. Good providers don’t settle for that— they provide bots that are able to give detailed answers to a wider range of questions and direct users to knowledge bases for more information, as opposed to leaving them out in the cold when they need assistance.

Obviously, it’s always best to have a real person on both ends of the line, but this isn’t always possible. Even if only temporary, a high-quality automated support system needs to be in place to provide the best experience for paying customers.

Finding A Better Solution

And that’s why we think you should work with us.

Out of all the IT support providers in Houston, our automated support bots are the most advanced. We can program them, alongside other custom applications, to suit the specific needs of your business and your clientele. These bots can be used for referrals, for your helpdesk, for accounting software, and more. At Houston Tech, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality of service for you, your business, and your customers. Contact us to learn more about our IT support solutions or for a free consultation.