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A Common Issue

managed IT services HoustonManaged IT services companies in Houston specialize in a variety of services, not least of which concern backup. You’re going to have situations where data’s lost. Some of these involve the Internet, some involve user error, and some involve mechanical error. Common reasons laptops lose critical data include:

  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Spyware/Adware
  • Ransomware
  • User Error
  • Hardware Failure
  • Mechanical Failure


There’s no way to define how many computer viruses are out there. “Thousands” likely tells only a portion of the story. Such viruses are easy to download. Some are sent via email, some show up in messaging applications, others are downloaded from video processing programs, and others are derived from more “illicit” internet activities. Regardless, viruses are out there, and even the best protection can’t keep a perniciously designed program from compromising data.


Malware isn’t the same kind of viral software, though it often has a similar effect. Malware is working as it has been designed to, and usually doesn’t inhibit your computer’s functionality. Malware essentially allows others to manipulate your computer one way or another. Usually, your data will be compromised, and you may end up being extorted.

Spyware and Adware

Spyware is used by companies more often than governments, though there’s definitely a crossover. The idea behind this software is to give businesses, hackers, and espionage agencies private information. These things can clog up your computer’s operations. They’re programs which are functioning “in the background,” and clogging up your computer’s processing power. They can crash your computer and destroy data in rare cases.


Ransomware is often downloaded tangentially. It’ll come through a phishing scam where software is downloaded by users accidentally, or be hidden in the background code of a video viewer. Either way, what happens when this software becomes active is that files are held for ransom against a fee. If that fee isn’t paid, then the files are deleted. Usually, there’s a countdown. If you do pay the fee and then backup your computer, the ransomware is likely still there. Usually, the only way to get rid of it is through a complete initialization and reboot.

User Error

User error is the only data loss problem for which managed IT services companies in Houston can provide no concrete solution— other than regularly backing up, of course. You’re going to do things by accident which compromise your laptop’s operational security. Bank on it. If for nothing else, you need regular backups for this reason.

Hardware Failure

Sometimes, hardware just breaks. Solid-state drives (drives with no moving parts) can curtail this to some degree, but even they won’t perfectly restrict hardware failure from happening. Sometimes a laptop just “bites the bullet.” So, have regular backup systems in place just in case.

Mechanical Failure

What if a power surge from the wall outlet fries your laptop? That would be mechanical failure. Again, you need a backup, but a traditional external drive may not be enough— that could easily be fried as well in such a scenario. Cloud backup is recommendable.

Sourcing Backup Solutions

Managed IT services companies in Houston which use cloud solutions that automatically and continuously back systems up provide some of the best laptop security options available. Contact us at HoustonTech today for protection against even the most unpredictable data-loss scenario.