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Our IT Services Team in Houston Tries to Warn the World!

All Alone in The WorldIT services Houston

“IT services in Houston may be the only ones left in the world,” Jerry Johnson breathed, staring at the big screen in the operations room with increasing pallor. “Reese Michaels, have we heard anything from anybody anywhere yet?” Read more

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After Failing to Destroy Managed IT Services in Houston, Aliens Attack Other Cities!

Houston, We Have Re-Entry

managed IT services Houston“Everything’s looking good, sir,” Reese Michaels swiped like a madman on a tablet in his hand while Jerry Johnson typed at a keyboard.

“So, we’ve got Managed IT services in Houston under control?” Jerry arched an eyebrow.

“As much as we can. I got us partnered with a couple other support providers in the area. Their systems were knocked offline, but their employees weren’t; we managed to Jerry-rig it.” Read more

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The Aliens’ Attempt to Wipe out IT Support in Houston Has Failed!

By the Skin of Your Teeth

IT support HoustonIT support in Houston was dangling by a thread, and billions were on the line. Jerry Johnson knew HoustonTech could handle the load, but he was feeling the strain. “We barely missed being taken over by these beings, Chaz! You’ve got to listen to me.” Read more

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Find out How IT Support in Houston Can Keep Your Computer Systems Safe from Hackers

Security Tips to ConsiderIT support Houston

IT support providers in Houston can help restrict a great deal of losses which result from lax security, but they can’t prevent your employees from continuously doing insecure things. What you need to do in order to enjoy the highest level of security is define where security “leaks” exist and patch those leaks proactively. Here are a number of areas where security is often lax: Read more

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How IT Support in Houston Maximizes Business Efficiency

Common Areas Lacking Efficiency

Maximizes Business Efficiency

IT support in Houston can help your organization identify inefficient practices and assist you in developing more productive habits. What’s efficient for one organization may not be efficient for another. However, there are certain areas where efficiency can be enhanced through a little professional IT support. Three primary areas where efficiency can generally be maximized across the board include:

Read more

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Identify and Prevent Phishing Scams with Managed IT Services in Houston

Phishing conceptHackers: They’re Clever

When securing managed IT services in Houston, you need a team that’s aware of the hacking atmosphere. It’s easy to make a mistake, especially as hackers continue to update the ways they “phish” information from businesses.

In a strange twist, small to medium-sized businesses are at a heightened risk for hack attacks of one kind or another. Larger operations have more funds to devote toward proactive hack prevention. Hackers are smart enough to know they’re better off getting $80k from eight small businesses than $20k from one big company. They can get more by working less hard and going after the less-defended businesses, whereas chasing that big fish inside a large corporation is going to take more time and energy, and may ultimately end up unsuccessful. Read more

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How IT Services Providers in Houston Can Save Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Stop cyber attack logoHow Cyber Attacks Look

IT services providers in Houston can help you identify and guard against a variety of cyberattacks. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they only have one goal: to bleed money from your organization in any way possible.

One way they do this is through what’s known as a “phishing” scam. You get an e-mail from a “C” level executive who informs you that an invoice is due before a certain time, and then gives you detailed instructions on how to pay it. You obey, of course, then you’re called into the office of the individual to whom you must answer and are dressed down formally. As it turns out, the “C” level executive never sent out that invoice— your account was phished. Read more

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Lessons You Can Learn from the DailyMotion Breach with IT Support in Houston

Data breach concept2016 was the year of the most high-profile data breaches in history, and your IT support in Houston has, more than likely, been keeping up on all of them. One of the newest and largest breaches was the leaking of more than 80 million user names and passwords from the incredibly popular video sharing site DailyMotion. Though the service is still unsure how their system was breached and has updated all security measures, there are lessons to be learned from this type of attack. Whether your company uses DailyMotion for your marketing efforts or not, you can still learn from their mistakes to make your information more secure. Read more

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Defend Against New Popcorn Time Ransomware with Managed IT Services in Houston

No popcorn time ransomware conceptRansomware is nothing new, and your managed IT services provider in Houston has probably already given you some advice on how to avoid this new level of hacker attack. If you’re not already aware, ransomware involves a hacker getting access to your system by tricking you into downloading an infected file. Once they have control, they hijack your data and demand money in exchange for giving back your information. This can be devastating for businesses that have private client or health information on their computers and still be incredibly damaging for those businesses that need their data to perform day-to-day business operations. The latest form of ransomware takes this to a new level. Dubbed “Popcorn Time,” this ransomware starts out the traditional way, but then gives the infected user a chance to get their data back for free if they ‘refer’ two of their friends. This malicious attack not only hurts businesses, but it also hurts friendships and associate relations. Here are some tips on how to defend against it: Read more

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Tips from Your IT Services Team in Houston on Increasing Mobile Workforce Security

Mobile workforce security conceptAs technology improves and more millennials join the workforce, your IT services team in Houston has likely helped you implement a mobile workforce system. This could include solutions for employees who work from home, from the road, or from satellite offices. It also includes a new IT structure that uses cloud technology and other devices or services that allow for flexibility. In fact, some businesses may even find that half or more of their employees rarely, if ever, come into the office any longer. Does this sound like your business or do you have goals to utilize a mobile workforce solution? If so, cyber security of your system should be top priority. Here are some tips on keeping your network safe: Read more