Mobile workforce security concept
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Mobile workforce security conceptAs technology improves and more millennials join the workforce, your IT services team in Houston has likely helped you implement a mobile workforce system. This could include solutions for employees who work from home, from the road, or from satellite offices. It also includes a new IT structure that uses cloud technology and other devices or services that allow for flexibility. In fact, some businesses may even find that half or more of their employees rarely, if ever, come into the office any longer. Does this sound like your business or do you have goals to utilize a mobile workforce solution? If so, cyber security of your system should be top priority. Here are some tips on keeping your network safe:

Have a Company-Wide Policy

Do you have a policy that states how employees should use their smart devices? If not, your IT services team in Houston can help you develop one. This policy will look different depending on what your system entails. Are you incorporating the new BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend where employees can use their personal smart devices for work purposes? Then your policy needs to state which devices can be used and for what, and you need to make sure their personal devices have the necessary security measures involved. Are you providing devices for your mobile employees? Then a policy should include when and where these devices can be used and clearly state they can’t be used for personal purposes.

Know How to Safely Transfer Information

It might be tempting to simply text or email client or patient information when you need to get it to a team member in a hurry and you’re not in the home office. Unfortunately, without the right security measures in place, this information can easily be compromised. This can cause lawsuits, breaches of confidentiality, and damage to your business reputation. If you are sending private information from remote devices, work with your IT team to make sure you have a secure portal from which to send it and that data is encrypted.

Perform Regular Security Updates

Regular security updates will help keep all your team’s devices secure and functioning properly. However, it can be difficult to keep up on this when you have employees and devices scattered far and wide. Have a system in place that requires mobile team members to regular update their devices. This should include reminders, check-ins, and consequences should updates not be installed in a timely manner.

Have Your System Monitored Constantly

When an IT team is constantly monitoring your system, they can catch issues before they can become true problems. When your system is mobile, this becomes even more important. When red flags do pop up, you can immediately make alterations or put additional security measures in place to avoid costly breaches or attacks.

Your IT services team in Houston can help you implement and secure a mobile system that will allow for beneficial remote working solutions. This can help you attract new millennial employees, as well as create a team that is flexible and up-to-date on the newest technology. At HoustonTech, we can help your business with mobile workforce security. If you have questions about your company’s IT system or would like more information on our company, contact us today.